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Accessibility/ Handicap Solutions

Invest in a safe environment and reduce risks of accidents.

Did you know that over 80% of home falls occur in the bathroom? By renovating your bathroom, you’re not only enhancing its aesthetics but also investing in safety, reducing the risk of accidents.

Accessibility Solutions

We offer many solutions for your accessibility needs. 

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Shower Conversions

Make your space look larger and have even more functionality.

A tub-to-shower conversion, in essence, is the process of switching from a bathtub to a freestanding shower. This streamlines your bathroom with a contemporary, tub-free design while also giving the impression of a larger space by opening up the floor area. This home renovation enhancement benefits everyone.

Walk-In Shower

All you need to know about walk-in showers.

Bathroom design trends change quite a bit from decade to decade, and at the moment one the hottest trends in bathroom remodeling is converting soaking tubs and tub/showers into walk-in showers. There are many reasons that we think this is one of the most positive design trends in recent years, and remodeling your bathroom to include a walk-in shower instead of a tub brings some important advantages compared with a traditional bathtub. Read on to learn more about walk in shower ideas, cost, and how Tub Doctor can help you transform your bathroom.

Bathroom Remodeler

How Much Freedom Do I Have with Walk-in Shower Design?

Choosing our company is a wise decision for your bathroom remodeling needs. Our team is comprised of trained and certified technicians who bring a wealth of expertise to every project, ensuring top-notch craftsmanship and attention to detail. With over 100 years of

Walk-In Shower Benefits

Why are so many families in the Augusta, Georgia region choosing to install a walk-in shower in their bathroom? There are important benefits to be enjoyed when you replace your tub with a walk-in shower; here are some of the most common ones that our clients cite:


In most families, the busy lifestyle lends itself to the use of a shower instead of a bath, and getting rid of the tub makes bathroom cleaning much easier and more efficient. It also often conserves space in the room, allowing for additional fixtures, storage areas, or other extras.


Most homes in the CSRA have builder’s grade fiberglass one-piece showers and tubs that tend to crack and leak after regular use. Our vendors provide a limited lifetime warranty on their shower bases and walls so your bathing area will look better, be more functional, and will last longer.

Handicap Accessibility

Getting into and out of a bathtub is difficult for those with physical limitations, and creates the risk of a slip and fall while transitioning on wet, slippery surfaces. A walk-in shower is much safer, offers the option for safe seating and handrails, and can even be designed for use with a wheelchair for those who are unable to stand at all.


Various Styles of Walk-In Showers

Because the basic form of a walk-in shower is so simple, it can be modified to fit many different styles. Each has its own advantages, and different styles are more suitable for different bathroom remodeling projects. Here are a few examples to get your walk-in shower ideas started before you consult with Tub Doctor to design your perfect customized unit.

Traditional Design

Since a traditional bathtub is often recessed into the wall of the bathroom, this is often the simplest way to transform a tub into a walk-in shower. Once the tub is removed, minimal renovations and the addition of a sliding door can create a perfect recessed shower of the same size as the original bathtub installment.

Corner Design

This is a popular style choice when installing a new shower in a half bath or smaller bathroom. Most corner designs are very compact, requiring only a few square feet of floor space. This is an ideal approach when modifying a bathroom to create a second shower in the home to accommodate a growing family, elderly parents moving in, or getting more money to rent your house during Master’s week.

Open Design

This modern style is based on an open concept floor plan and consists of wrapping your shower in a glass enclosure to make your bathroom feel grander and to give your shower more light and airflow. These showers can be customized to fit all of your style and comfort needs.

Accessible Designs

At Tub Doctor, we love helping folks with accessibility needs create the walk-in shower that they need to best accommodate safe daily showering. We’ll show you a range of examples and settle on one that is comfortable and workable for you. Tub Doctor will make your shower safe, comfortable, and beautiful.

Great Bathroom Walk-in Shower Ideas

The homeowner interested in revitalizing their bathroom can spend days discovering different types of walk in baths and showers on the Internet. While there are endless possibilities, here are some categories of ideas that can help you begin to narrow down those possibilities to the ones that best match your personal sense of style and the needs of your home.

Shower Base, Wall, and Ceiling Materials

Will you choose marble, tile, steel, glass, or some other material for your shower? Obviously walk-in showers’ cost is affected by the choice of flooring, wall, and ceiling materials, but there are other considerations as well. Some materials require minimal cleaning to stay looking great, while others demand more attention.

Entry Style

While a sliding glass door is one of the most common ways to frame a walk-in shower, it is also common to create a transitionless shower with no door or curtain at all. This is great for accessibility and creates the impression that the entire bathroom is larger than it actually is.


A window in your shower can make it much more pleasant, especially in the morning when a little extra sunshine helps to wake up the senses! Depending on the orientation of the bathroom, a skylight or other creative window option can make a walk-in shower feel warm and closely connected to the natural beauty just outside.

Shower Head, Jet, and Other Elements

From a traditional shower head to a spectacular waterfall style, the Tub Doctor team can help you design the shower experience that you want. This is another important area for accessibility, and we’ll help you make your choices by explaining the pros and cons of different elements. Getting the right shower heads, jets, and sprayers can make the difference in how safe and enjoyable your shower experience is.


Your shower may feature a fold-out seat, a bench extending from the wall, or no seating at all. The space inside your walk-in shower will be a major determinant of your seating choices, as will your personal showering preferences.

Unique Features

The expertise and knowledge that we have in-house at Tub Doctor make us the perfect team to help you realize your unique ideas. Saw something online, at a luxury hotel, or at a friend’s home and want to copy it? Thought of a great idea that no one seems to have done yet? Either way, we are excited to hear your ideas and come up with a plan for your new shower.

Walk-in Showers: FAQs

When designing your walk-in shower, we take into account the moisture that it will introduce to the room. The materials of your shower and the rest of the room have a huge impact on discouraging the growth of mold, and we’ll also make sure you know how to care for your shower so that the entire room and your home stays clean and free of mold and mildew.
Taking a bath is a great way to wind down after a tough day, but a walk-in shower can be designed to offer an experience that is just as enjoyable with fewer cleaning and heavy water use issues. We think that with the right shower head, jets, seating design, and style, your walk-in shower will become your new favorite spot in which to decompress!
A transitionless shower door combined with the use of mats, handrails, and appropriate seating creates a very safe environment for showering, even for the elderly and the handicapped. The process of lowering into a tub and pulling oneself out of it is much more difficult and creates more opportunities for injury.

Full Bathroom Renovation

Transform Your Bathroom into Your Dream Retreat!

Are you tired of your outdated, cramped, or uninspiring bathroom? It’s time to turn your vision into reality with our top-notch bathroom renovation service. At Tub Doctor, we’re dedicated to making your bathroom the oasis you’ve always dreamed of.

Bathtub Refinishing

Make your old tub shine.

You use your bathtub every day. A tub that is solid, clean, and aesthetically pleasing can set a great tone for the day and provide a welcome relief at the end of a long shift at work. On the other hand, a tub that is outdated or even damaged is a potential source of disaster in the form of water leaks, mildew, mold, and other problems. Bathtub refinishing by the Tub Doctor experts helps to ensure that your bathroom is not only safe and clean, but beautiful as well. We hope you will get in touch with us today for a consultation.


We have the solutions for all your bathroom repairs.

What Is The Professional Bathtub Restoration/Refinishing Process?

The process of refinishing, repairing, or replacing a tub heavily depends on exactly what is going on. We don’t have a single solution that fits every bathroom, and we’re not interested in pushing clients toward an expensive restoration project if that’s not what’s best for their home and their budget. Some tubs are in good condition still and just require some touching up or minor refinishing to really make them pop again. In other cases, more drastic measures are required in order to eliminate the possibility of water leaks and the growth of mildew in moist areas.

Fast Facts: Refinishing a Bathtub

What Will It Look Like After Being Refinished?

We invite you to browse our gallery of projects to see what’s possible with a bathtub refinishing! We’ll be sure to take the time to find out what look you have in mind and show you examples if you’re not sure what the options are. In the end, you can be sure that your dingy, damaged bathtub will be unrecognizable after it’s refinished professionally by our team. We can even offer new colors during the reglazing process to really revitalize the look of your bathroom and allow you to create a whole new aesthetic.

How Durable Is a Refinished Tub?

Depending on the quality of your tub when it was installed, the refinishing process can extend its use by many years compared with its original expected life. Modern refinishing and reglazing materials are dramatically improved from those of decades ago, and many homeowners are very pleasantly surprised by the cost difference when they realize that they can refinish their tub with a powerful coating rather than replacing it with a new tub. We offer various refinishing options based on the material of your tub, its amount of use, and other factors to make sure you end up with a tub that will serve you well for a long time.

Deciding Whether a Tub Needs Refinishing or Replacing

Every family and every bathroom remodel is unique, and it’s impossible to say what the best course of action is until you have had a professional assessment done of your tub, shower, and bathroom as a whole. Many times it is very difficult for the untrained eye to tell how damaged a tub is, how severe a crack is, or how much work it will take to restore it to safe working order. This is why it is critical to consult with a service that you know you can trust to present you with the options, explain them honestly, and then let you make the best choice for your family.

Sometimes a tub is indeed beyond repair and needs to be replaced. In other cases, the current tub’s shape, size, or design simply won’t work with the new aesthetic you have in mind for your bathroom. In those cases, Tub Doctor can absolutely help you browse new bathtub possibilities, weigh the pros and cons of different models, and have a new tub installed.

Factors That Affect the Cost to Refinish a Tub
The bathtub refinishing cost for your specific project will obviously depend on many different factors. Primary among those factors is the amount and extent of damage, if any, to the existing tub. If the tub is in good physical condition and the main purpose for the refinishing is to refresh its look with a new color or finish, you will find the price tag very affordable. The more patching, repairing, and other work that needs to be done to get the tub ready for final reglazing, the more the overall project will cost.
How Much Does Bathtub Refinishing Cost?

You can get in touch with our team at Tub Doctor directly through our website’s email form or by giving us a call at 706-863-6572. We’ll collect some basic information about your project and your expectations for the finished product, and then we’ll be able to provide you with a price range based on the details.

Our Bathtub Refinishing Experience
Since 1982, homeowners in the greater Augusta, Georgia area have come to us for all of their tub and tile refinishing needs. We’ve built up an amazing customer base, and it’s a special privilege each time we get to meet a new family and help them turn their outdated bathroom into the beautiful bathroom of their dreams! Our clients know that they can depend on us to give them the facts, provide accurate price estimates, and carry out their porcelain bathtub refinishing project precisely according to their expectations.
What If Your Tub’s Beyond Refinishing?
Sadly, not every tub can be salvaged! Bathtub refinishing can repair and cover an impressive range of damage, but if your tub has been damaged beyond repair or you simply decide to tear it out and start fresh, Tub Doctor is here for you. We love helping folks design their brand new bathroom to meet their accessibility, aesthetic, and family size needs.
Odorless Bathtub Refinishing – Cost and Time Effective!
Given the products, materials, and techniques that have been developed since your bathtub was installed, it’s a mistake not to look into the possibilities that superior bathtub refinishing holds for your bathroom! Our team is available to show you the approach we use, tell you about past successful projects, and take a look at your bathtub to see if it’s a good candidate for bathtub refinishing.

Bathtub Refinishing FAQs

While the refinishing only requires a short service visit, it takes several days for the reglazing to cure. Your technician will tell you based on your specific project how long you should wait before using your tub normally again.
Refinishing a bathtub isn’t always about repairing damage or removing discoloration from years of heavy use. Some clients simply want to change the color of their tub to match a new design scheme, or give it a brilliant, clean new look to modernize it. In the photos on our website you can get an idea of how a refinished tub can be transformed to fit within a brand new-looking bathroom.
Water has a way of making its way into the smallest nooks and crannies, and even a hairline crack in your tub will allow moisture to pass through it. You may not notice your tub leaking, but that moisture collecting underneath the tub will encourage the growth of mildew and mold over time. Depending on your family’s allergic sensitivities, this could have serious consequences for their respiratory health.
From acrylic to porcelain to cast iron and everything in between, nearly any type of tub can be refinished and given a new lease on life! There are special materials to repair and preserve different types of tubs, and our experts know how to treat your tub right.